No Longer Available - For Reference Purposes Only

TPS-3010:   Switcher Tally Panel.


      For use with all 3000 series Eurocard switchers not fitted with a local control panel.
      Provides confirmation of correct operation of remote operated switchers.
      Provides confirmation of status for audio follow & breakaway switchers.
      May be easily fitted in the field..


User Manual  


The TPS-3010 may be fitted to the front of any 3000 series Eurocard switcher to provide a visual indication of the switcher's status.

The panel is similar to the CPS-3050 local control panel, but is not equipped with switches. Whilst the CPS-3050 may be used with the switches disabled to fulfill the same purpose, the TPS-3010 is a more economical and user-friendly solution.

It is particularly useful where the switcher, to which it is fitted, is controlled via RS232 or other remote systems for which the user has no nearby control panel or status readout.

Where automatic program selection is made via a priority encoder the TPS-3010 provides easily recognisable confirmation of the selected path.

To fit the TPS-3010, the existing front panel is removed from the switcher and the new panel plugged in. This operation requires only two screws to be undone and can be readily accomplished in the field in minutes.

This quick-change capability makes the TPS-3010 an excellent diagnostic tool, which may be fitted when installing or maintaining systems and then removed once permanent operation is established.

Due to our policy of continuing development, these specifications are subject to change without notice.