No Longer Available - For Reference Purposes Only

AVS-1210: 10x1 Video Switcher.


      10 x 1 or two may be linked for 20 x 1 operation.
      Control system allows linking to audio, SDI and data switches.
      Supports multiple remote and local control panels.
      User upgradeable from remote to local control.


User Manual  


The AVS-1210 10 x 1 video switcher is a self-contained, mains powered unit requiring one unit of rack mounting space. It has the capability to switch any one of its ten video inputs to its video output.

The output has two isolated feeds. Selection of the required input is made via a "D" type connector mounted on the rear panel, using a 4 or 5 bit code or optional ground per crosspoint connection.

The switcher can be fitted with a CPS-1210 10 x 1 or a CPS-1220 dual 10 x 1 (20 x 1) Control Panel, or remotely controlled using CPS-1050 10 x 1 or CPS 1052 20 x 1 remote control panels.

Two switchers may be linked to provide 20 x 1 operation using either a CPS-1220 locally or CPS 1052 remotely.

The inputs are high impedance loop through, allowing bridging of multiple switchers. Two 75 Ohm outputs allow for a monitor connection in addition to the main output.

The switchers are housed in an IRT one rack unit (44 mm high) 483 mm (19 inch) metal chassis. The input and output circuit connections are by means of BNC connectors, accessible from the rear panel of the unit.

Control/tally connections to the switch data buss are made to a pair of 25 pin "D" connectors on the rear panel.

An internal AC mains powered regulated power supply provides the operating voltages for the switcher circuitry. A selector on the rear panel allows matching to local mains supply voltages.


Video Inputs:
10 x 2 (10 loop through).
Bridging loop, AC coupled.
> 5 kΩ.

Video Outputs:
DC Coupled.
75 Ω.

During vertical interval of output signal.
Frequency Response
0.1 dB to 10 MHz.
Differential gain
< 0.2% at 4.43 & 3.58 MHz (12.5% - 87.5% APL).
Differential phase
< 0.2° at 4.43 & 3.585 MHz (12.5% - 87.5% APL).
Crosstalk between inputs
< −65 dB at 4.43 & 3.58 MHz.

Control Inputs/Outputs:
4/5 bit parallel TTL level signal compatible with IRT AAS-1220 stereo switcher and IRT 3000 series switchers
1 input & 1 output.
25 Pin 'D' - female.

Power Requirements:
110, 130, 220 / 240 Vac 50 / 60 Hz 10 VA.
Fuse Rating:
240 Vac.
250mA slow blow.
110 Vac.
500mA slow blow.

Temperature range
0 - 50°C ambient.
IRT 19" rack chassis with input, output and power connections on the rear panel.
Front panel
Grey enamel, silk-screened black lettering & red IRT logo.
Rear panel
Silk-screened bright passivated steel, silk-screened black lettering.
44 mm x 480 mm x 230 mm.

Supplied accessories
Matching connectors for audio and control inputs / outputs.

Optional accessories
CPS-1210 10 button local control panel kit.
CPS-1220 20 button local control button kit.
CPS-1050 10 button remote control panel.
CPS-1052 20 button remote control panel.
CDC-3060 Serial control module, for interfacing to RS 232 or computer control systems.

Due to our policy of continuing development, these specifications are subject to change without notice.